About Us

The problem we saw was that people are caged, cut off from the world, and afraid of being trapped in a small life.

We create audio tours that help travelers find health and personal growth by getting out and discovering the treasures of the world wherever they are, at any time, with family and friends or by themselves.

Our Vision

We are working toward a world where people seek a greater understanding of one another and the value of life.

This world is amazing! From the scent of pine that lingers in the air of an alpine forest to the feel of salt spray that breezes across on your face after an ocean wave breaks before you or the incomparable sight of the minuscule world that moves beneath a 1500 foot rock formation, the world around us is an awe inspiring wonder. But it’s people, with their similarities and differences, their complexities and simplicities, their love, compassion and generosity, are the greatest treasure this world has to offer.

We aim to build the people of this world by helping them discover the hidden treasures all around them, in nature, and in their fellow travelers.

Preserving Memories

Preserve memories through photos and stories, fill out digital hiking logs that can be printed in book format, or create personalized family history tours to share with friends and family.

A Good Walk Changes Everything

“Exploring the world is one of the best ways of exploring the mind, and walking travels both terrains.” -Rebecca Solnit





How We’re Different

Income Potential

Create a trail in your area and submit it for potential income. All user-submitted material must meet quality requirements.

Professional Audio

Expect audio excellence! All tours are presented by professional readers who have been recorded in a studio setting.

Celebrate Achievements

Earn rewards and be recognized for your accomplishments by participating in and excelling at in-app trail activities.

Support Our Cause

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Explore Galore is a work in progress. If this exciting and transformative project is something that ignites passion in your heart, pre-purchase the app today, and be a part of something amazing!