Pre-Purchase Access

The Explore Galore app will follow a “freemium” model, where the app and many of its features are free.  Users  will be able to purchase add-ons such as official audio tours or subscribe to premium features including  fitness pacing guides and personal family history tour subscriptions.  

As a pre-purchaser you can choose from one of 5 packages listed below ranging from $15 – $250 and earn various store discounts, free merchandise, and the chance to be listed on our website as an official donor! Pre-purchasers will also be the first to hear about additional rewards and incentives. 

We honor your contribution and can’t wait to ship off your pre-purchase rewards! 


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If you love what you see here, feel free to join us in creating something amazing! Create a trail in your area and contact us about submission guidelines and quality requirements, or simply donate to our cause. We’ll appreciate your support either way.