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Enhance the way you explore and learn about the world around you with our new app. The Explore Galore app is loaded with features that will help you discover the world and its hidden treasures while connecting with other hikers and explorers. Get ready!  It’s coming soon.

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Our Professional audio tours are specially designed to improve your understanding of the world around you.

We’re creating hundreds of detailed audio tours with the help of professional voice actors, biologists, archeologists, and just about any kind of -ologist you can think of. The tours can be downloaded ahead of time and play offline, or they can use your location to ensure the virtual tour guide is giving you the information at your pace and at the location where it is most pertinent. We’re aiming to have at least 3 trails in every state by the end of 2022.

Audio Tours For Hikers and Explorers

Don’t Go Alone

Subscribe to a virtual hiking partner or join our community of hikers for tips and directions.

One of the best parts about connecting with nature is connecting with our human family. The Explore Galore app features several tools that will help you build a community and connect with other explorers and travelers. The app will feature discussion boards and forums as well as the ability to rate, review, and comment on trails so that future travelers can avoid any mishaps that previous groups may have encountered.

Create Your Own Tours

Do you love exploring and sharing with others? You decide whether you want a hobby or a new income.

Private Family History Tours

Create private tours that are only accessible to people you share the link with. These are great for family history, tours of your facility, or virtual treasure hunts among family, friends, or other communities.

Virtual Hiking Partner

When you create your own ‘pacing guide’, you take the place of a fitness trainer, wellness coach, or even a comedian. You can complete a hike in an hour and explain where you are along the way so that people can ‘keep up’, or you can just hike for an hour telling jokes. When people download and subscribe to your hiking guides, you get paid!

Earn Passive Income

Get paid to connect with the world and incentivize people to get out and connect with nature and the world around them. Help us create a high-quality audio tour of a trail in your area and earn royalties on the trail every time someone downloads.

Bring a Competitive Spirit to Exploration

Make exploring a game that everyone will love through badges, achievements, and leaderboards.

Compete in challenges and earn rewards and trail badges. We are building achievements for all sorts of things to gamify  hiking and make exploring fun and addictive. View leaderboards in real time and compare your progress and activity to all of the other explorers in our app.

Help Others Discover Your Favorite Trails

Rate, review, and comment on the trails you explore.

Know the ins and outs of a trail before you go and help others do the same! Our app features ratings, reviews, and virtual warning posts to help keep future travelers out of the pitfalls that others have stumbled into on a trail, and helps explorers know what to pack and how to prepare.

An Asset for local governments and communities

Do you participate in local government or community management? Explore Galore is a great tool to help your community grow!

Promote Tourism and Generate Revenue

Help travelers discover your area by creating and optimizing trails in your area. You’ll make royalties on any trails you help develop. These funds can be used to fund future community development efforts.

Geo-Targeted Marketing

Help businesses local to your area by providing them a way to advertising to potential customers locaed in your area. This can help travelers find even more ways to explore your area!

Encourage Education and Literacy

History is important, whether that’s the history of a nation, the history of an area, or the history of a town. Help the people in your area learn more about the world around them through our professional audio tours.

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